Language Awareness Infrastructure Support (LLAIS)

LLAIS is embedded in NWORTH, which is part of the Bangor Institute of Health and Medical Research (BIHMR). It provides a strategic lead for the RDCS to facilitate trial participation through the medium of Welsh in order to meet the regulatory and governance requirements of the devolved bilingual Wales without compromising scientific rigour. LLAIS guides researchers with timely advice on embedding language awareness within key stages of the research process, including study design, sampling, recruitment, consent, data collection, administration of health measures, data analysis, report and dissemination.

Why Consider Welsh language awareness in research?

There is increasing evidence to suggest that culture and language-responsive research enhances rigour, inclusivity and fairness. Thus, engaging with research participants through a language that is meaningful to them is key to good clinical research practice.

In the context of a devolved bilingual Wales, the Welsh language is at the core of its national identity, legislative frameworks and health and social care strategic intent.

Thus, researchers across Wales are tasked to provide an ‘active offer’ of Welsh language services so that Welsh speakers can be empowered to participate in research and have a voice in informing policy and practice.

Upholding the language rights, safety and well-being of research participants not only embodies the principles of sound ethical practice but also enhances the rigour of cross-cultural research by improving the recruitment and retention of hard-to-reach groups and producing results that have improved validity for diverse language settings.