Selected NWORTH Publications 2018

Trial of personalised care after treatment—Prostate cancer: A randomised feasibility trial of a nurse-led psycho-educational intervention

Stanciu MA., Morris C., Makin M., Watson E., Bulger J., Evans R., Hiscock J., Hoare Z., Edwards RT., Neal RD., Yeo ST., Wilkinson C. European Journal of Cancer (2018)

Hip fracture in the elderly multidisciplinary rehabilitation (FEMuR) feasibility study: testing the use of routinely collected data for future health economic evaluations

Williams, N.H., Mawdesley, K., Roberts, J.L. et al. Pilot Feasibility Stud (2018) 4: 76

A randomised controlled trial to evaluate the impact of a human rights based approach to dementia care in inpatient ward and care home settings

Kinderman, P., S. Butchard, A. J. Bruen, A. Wall, N. Goulden, Z. Hoare, C. Jones, and R. Edwards. Health Services and Delivery Research, No. 6.13. March 2018

Improved adenoma detection with Endocuff Vision: the ADENOMA randomised controlled trial

Wee Sing Ngu, Roisin Bevan, Zacharias P Tsiamoulos, Paul Bassett, Zoë Hoare, Matthew D Rutter, Gayle Clifford, Nicola Totton, Thomas J Lee, Arvind Ramadas, John G Silcock, John Painter, Laura J Neilson, Brian P Saunders, Colin J Rees. Gut Published Online First: 23 January 2018