Selected NWORTH Publications 2007

"To disseminate and promote the implementation of rigorous and relevant trials"

Needle-stick injuries in primary care in Wales

Atenstaedt RL, Russell IT, Russell D, Edwards RT et al.

Journal of Public Health 2007a, 29, 434-40

Reconciling competing priorities in commissioning: bone densitometry service for North Wales

Atenstaedt RL, Russell D, Russell IT, Edwards RT et al.

Cost Effectiveness & Resource Allocation 2007b, 5: 1

Improving response rates using a monetary incentive for patient completion of questionnaires: an observational study

Brealey SD, Atwell C, Bryan S, Russell IT et al

BMC Medical Research Methodology 2007a, 7:12

Using postal randomization to replace telephone randomization had no significant effect on recruitment of patients

Brealey SD, Atwell C, Bryan S, Russell IT et al

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2007b, 60, 1046–51

Randomized controlled, parallel-group prospective study to investigate the clinical effectiveness of early insulin treatment in latent autoimmune diabetes in adults

Brophy S, Bain S, Russell IT, Williams DRR et al

BMC Endocrine Disorders 2008, 8: 8

Folate Augmentation of Treatment – Evaluation for Depression (FolATED): protocol

FolATED team [viz. Roberts S, Bedson E, Whitaker R, Russell IT et al]

BMC Psychiatry 2007, 7: 65

Brief Intervention in Type 1 diabetes – Education for Self-efficacy (BITES): protocol for a randomised controlled trial to assess biophysical

and psychological effectiveness

George JT, Valdovinos AP, Thow JC, Russell IT et al

BMC Endocrine Disorders 2007, 7: 6

Factors associated with breast-cancer-specific distress in younger women participating in a family history mammography screening programme

Henderson BJ, Tyndel S, Brain K, Clements A et al for PIMMS Study Management Group

Psycho-Oncology 17: 74–82 (2008)

Adaptation of the Manchester-Minneapolis Quality of Life instrument for use in the UK population

Hutchings HA, Upton P, Cheung WY, Russell IT et al

Archives of Disease in Childhood 2007, 92, 855-60


Antipsychotic treatment of delusional parasitosis: a systematic review

Lepping P, Russell IT and Freudenmann RW

British Journal of Psychiatry 2007, 191, 198-205

The development of a new measure of quality of life in the management of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: the Reflux questionnaire

Macran S, Wileman S, Barton G, Russell IT, REFLUKS group

Quality of Life Research 2007, 16, 331-43

Falling on stony ground? Qualitative study of implementation of clinical guidelines’ prescribing recommendations in primary care

Rashidian A, Eccles MP and Russell IT

Health Policy, 85, 148-61

In their own right: translating the policy of carer assessment into practice

Seddon D, Robinson D, Woods RA, Russell IT et al

British Journal of Social Work 2007, 37,1335-52

What is the psychological impact of mammographic screening on younger women with a family history of breast cancer?

Findings from a prospective cohort study by the PIMMS Management Group

Tyndel S, Austoker J, Henderson BJ, Brain K et al

Journal of Clinical Oncology 2007, 25, 3823-30

Psychological response in spinal manipulation (PRISM): a systematic review of psychological outcomes in randomised controlled trials

Williams N, Hendry M, Lewis R, Russell IT et al

Complementary Therapies in Medicine 2007, 15, 271-83

Multi-faceted implementation of stroke prevention guidelines in primary care: cluster-randomised evaluation of clinical

and cost-effectiveness

Wright J, Bibby J, Russell D, Russell IT et al.

Quality and Safety in Health Care 2007,16, 51-59