Perform a Randomisation

In order to access the Randomisation System you must first have a username and password. If you require access to the system but you do not have a username and password then please contact NWORTH Information Systems via the Help and Contacts page to request access.


Click here to launch the Randomisation System
(click here if the above link does not open)


How to perform a Randomisation

First, launch the Randomisation System and login using your given username and password.

Step 1- Select a Trial

Select your trial from the drop-down list.

Step 2- Complete the Questionnaire

Complete the questionnaire, ensuring that all necessary fields are filled in.

Step 3- Confirm and Randomise

Before the randomisation is performed, you must check that the details you have entered are valid and correct. If any of the details you have entered are incorrect click the "Previous" button to go back and make the necessary changes. Once you are happy with the information you have entered, click the "Randomise" button to perform the randomisation.

Step 4- Log out

Once you have completed your randomisation(s), click Logout to log out of the system and close the window.

Please Note

The randomisation will not be performed until you confirm the details you have entered and click the Randomise button. You can cancel a randomisation at any time prior to this by simply logging out and closing the randomisation window.