Selected NWORTH Publications 2011

"To disseminate and promote the implementation of rigorous evalutions and trials"

Enhancing ventilation in homes of children with asthma: pragmatic randomised controlled trial

Woodfine L, Neal RD, Bruce N, Edwrads RT, Linck P, Mullock L, Nelhans N, Pasterfield D, Russell D, Russell I

British Journal General Practice, 2011 Nov;61(592):e724-32

Enhancing ventilation in homes of children with asthma: cost-effectiveness study alongside randomised controlled trial

Edwards RT, Neal RD, Linck P,  Bruce N,  Mullock L, Nelhans N, Pasterfield D, Russell D, Russell I, Woodfine L

British Journal General Practice, 2011 Nov;61(592):e733-41

Antinuclear Antibodies and Clinical Associations in a British Cohort with Limited Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis

Angela E. Gliddon, Caroline J. Doré, Juliet Dunphy, Zoë Betteridge, Neil J Mchugh and Peter J. Maddison

on behalf of the QUINS Trial Study Group

J. Rheumatol 2011;38:702-705

The clinical effectiveness and costeffectiveness of management strategies
for sciatica: systematic review and economic model

Lewis R, Williams N, Matar HE, Din N, Fitzsimmons D, et al.

HTA 2011; 15(39)

Peer support for family carers of people with dementia, alone or in combination with group reminiscence in a factorial design: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Georgina Charlesworth, Karen Burnell, Jennifer Beecham, Zoë Hoare, Juanita Hoe, Jennifer Wenborn, Martin Knapp,  Ian Russell, Bob Woods and Martin Orrell

Trials 2011, 12:205    doi:10.1186/1745-6215-12-205

The extended School Aged Incredible Years Parent programme with parents of high-risk 8 to 13 year olds.

Hutchings, J., Bywater, T., Williams, M., Whitaker, C. and Lane, E

Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 16(3), 136-143

The incidence and prevalence of admissions for melancholia in two cohorts (1875-1924 and 1995-2005)

Harris M, Farquhar F, Healy D, Le Noury J, Baker D, Whitaker C, Linden S, Green P, Roberts AP

J Affect Disord. 2011 Jul 4. [Epub ahead of print]

Activity Increase Despite Arthritis (AIDA)

Nefyn H Williams, Elvis Amoakwa, John Belcher, Rhiannon T Edwards, Hossein Hassani, Maggie Hendry, Kim Burton, Ruth Lewis, Kerenza Hood, Jeremy Jones, Paul Bennett, Pat Linck, Richard D Neal and Clare Wilkinson

British Journal of General Practice, Aug 2011

Multidimensional Assessment of Awareness in Early-stage Dementia: a cluster Analytic Approach

Clare L, Morris RG, Markova I.S, Roth I, Woods R.T, Whitaker C.J, Nelis S.M, & Martyr A

Dementia & Geriatric Cognitive Disorders

Increasing pre-school children's consumption of fruit and vegetables. A modelling and rewards intervention

Pauline J. Horne, Janette Greenhalgh, Mihela Erjavec, C.Fergus :Lowe, Simon Viktor, Chris J. Whitaker


Activity Increase Despite Arthritis (AÏDA): phase II randomised controlled trial of an active management booklet for hip and knee osteoarthritis.

Williams NH, Amoakwa E, Belcher J, Edwards RT, Hassani H, Hendry M, Burton K, Lewis R, Hood K, Jones J, Bennett P, Linck P, Neal RD, Wilkinson C.

British Journal of General Practice, 2011

The effectiveness and cost effectiveness of management strategies for sciatica: a systematic review and economic model

Lewis R, Williams NH, Matar HE, Din NU, Fitzsimmons D, Phillips C, Jones M, Sutton A, Burton K, Nafees S, Hendry M, Rickard I, Chakraverty R, Wilkinson C.


The evaluation of the National Exercise Referral Scheme in Wales. Welsh Assembly Government Social Research, 07/2010

Murphy S, Raisanen L, Moore G, Edwards RT, Linck P, Williams NH, Din NU, Moore L.

WAG Social Research

 The influence of psychological, social and contextual factors on the expression and measurement of awareness in earlystage
dementia: testing a biopsychosocial model

Clare, Linda; Nelis, Sharon; Martyr, Anthony; Roberts, Judith; Whitaker, Christopher; Markova, Ivana; Roth, Ilona; Woods, Bob; Morris, Robin

International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, March 2011

Marital relationship quality in early-stage dementia : perspectives from people with dementia and their spouses

Linda Clare; Robin Morris; Robert Woods; Ivana Markova; Sharon Nelis; Ilona Roth; Christopher Whitaker; Anthony Martyr

Alzheimer disease & associated disorders

Awareness of Social and Emotional Functioning in People with early stage Dementia and Implications for Carers

Sharon M, Nelis, Linda Clare, Anthony Martyr, Ivana S, Markova, Ilona Roth, Robert T Woods, Christopher J Whitaker & Robin G Morris.

Ageing & Mental Health, 2011, 1-9

Generalized method for adaptive randomization in clinical trials

D. Russell, Z. S. J. Hoare, Rh. Whitaker, C. J. Whitaker and I. T. Russell

Statistics in Medincine Published online 1 FEB 2011

DOI: 10.1002/sim.4175

The Incredible Years Therapeutic Dinosaur Programme to build social and emotional competence in Welsh primary schools: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Tracey Bywater, Judy Hutchings, Christopher Whitaker, Ceri Evans and Laura Parry

Trials 2011, 12:39 doi:10.1186/1745-6215-12-39

Attachment organization in older adults: implications for well-being

Sharon M. Nelis,  Linda Clare & Christopher J. Whitaker

ESRC funded 2011