Population Advice for Research Committee

During COVID-19 - NWORTH remains fully operational with all input being delivered remotely.  All staff members are currently working from home, so please contact us in the first instance via e-mail.

Are you interested in helping to develop research at the North Wales Trials Unit (NWORTH)?

If yes, please consider joining the PARC-Bangor database of people who are interested in developing research projects.

What does membership mean?

Being a member of PARC means you can:

  • Learn about and influence health research in your area
  • Use your experience as a patient, service user, carer or family member to help others
  • Influence the study design to make funding applications more¬†successful
  • Discuss the work with research teams via email, in person, or over the telephone
  • Access free training about health and social care research
  • Have your travel expenses covered if you need to attend meetings in person.


Phone: 01248 388095

NWORTH Clinical Trials Unit
Y Wern
Normal Site, Holyhead Road
Bangor University
Bangor, Gwynedd
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