Selected NWORTH Publications 2008

"To disseminate and promote the implementation of rigorous and relevant trials"

Development of parent version of Manchester-Minneapolis quality of life survey for use by parents & carers of UK children: MMQL-UK (PF)

Hutchings HA, Upton P, Cheung WY, Russell IT et al

Health & Quality of Life Outcomes 2008, 6: 19

Equity and service innovation: the implementation of a bibliotherapy scheme in Wales

Porter A, Peconi J, Evans A, Russell IT et al

Journal of Health Services Research and Policy 2008, 13, 26-31

Alpha adrenoceptor agonist induced microcirculatory oscillations are reduced in diabetic neuropathy

Schmiedel O, Schroeter ML, Turo J, Nurmikko TJ, Whitaker R and Harvey JN

Microvascular Research 76 (2008) 124–131


Variation in rapid sequence induction techniques: current practice in Wales                                                                                                                                  

Koerber JP, Roberts GEW, Whitaker R and Thorpe CM    

Anaesthesia: Volume 64, issue 1, Pages 54 - 59

Nurse-led vs conventional consultant-led follow-up for cancer patients: quantitative systematic review      

Lewis R, Neal RD, Williams NH, France B, Hendry M, Russell D, Hughes DA, Russell I,

Stuart NSA, Weller D and Wilkinson C                                                   

Journal of Advanced Nursing 2009; 65(4): 706-23

Economic evaluation alongside pragmatic randomised trials: developing a standard operating procedure for clinical trials unit                                              

Edwards RT, Hounsome B, Linck P and Russell IT

Trials, 9:64

Randomised controlled, parallel-group prospective study to investigate the clinical effectiveness of early insulin treatment in latent

autoimmune diabetes in adults

Brophy S, Bain S, Russell IT et al

BMC Endocrine Disorders, 8 (8)

Validation of scale for rating the delivery of psycho-social treatments for alcohol dependence and misuse: the UKATT Process Rating Scale (PRS)

Tober G, Farrin A, Russell IT, UKATT research team

Alcohol and alcoholism 43 (6):675-682 2008

Shoulder acute pain in primary health care: is retraining GPs effective The SAPPHIRE randomized trial: a costeffectiveness analysis

McKenna C, Bojke L, Manca A, Adebajo A, Dickson J, Helliwell P, Morton V, Russell I, Torgerson D and Watson J

Rheumatology 48 (5):558-563 2009

Shoulder acute pain in primary healthcare: is retraining effective for GP principals SAPPHIREa randomized controlled trial

Watson J, Helliwell P, Morton V, Adebajo A, Dickson J, Russell I and Torgerson D

Rheumatology 47 (12):1795-1802 2008