Selected NWORTH Publications 2022

Effects of an e-health intervention ‘iSupport’ for reducing distress of dementia carers: protocol for a randomised controlled trial and feasibility study
Gill Windle, Greg Flynn, Zoe Hoare, Patricia Masterson-Algar, Kieren Egan, Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Carys Jones, Aimee Spector, Katherine Algar-Skaife, Gwenllian Hughes, Paul Brocklehurst, Nia Goulden, Debbie Skelhorn, Joshua Stott

Extended-release pharmacotherapy for opioid use disorder (EXPO): protocol for an open-label randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of injectable buprenorphine versus sublingual tablet buprenorphine and oral liquid methadone
John Marsden, Mike Kelleher, Zoë Hoare, Dyfrig Hughes, Jatinder Bisla, Angela Cape, Fiona Cowden, Edward Day, Jonathan Dewhurst, Rachel Evans; et al

uSing rolE-substitutioN In care homes to improve ORal health (SENIOR): a study protocol

Gerald McKenna, Georgios Tsakos , Sinead Watson , Alison Jenkins , Patricia Masterson Algar , Rachel Evans, Sarah R. Baker, Ivor G. Chestnutt , Craig J. Smith, Ciaran O’Neill , Zoe Hoare; et al

Trial protocol for COLO-DETECT: A randomized controlled trial of lesion detection comparing colonoscopy assisted by the GI Genius™ artificial intelligence endoscopy module with standard colonoscopy

Alexander Seager,Linda Sharp, James S. Hampton, Laura J. Neilson, Tom J. W. Lee, Andrew Brand, Rachel Evans, Luke Vale,, John Whelpton, Colin J Rees

Neuropsychological evaluation and rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis (NEuRoMS): protocol for a mixed-methods, multicentre feasibility randomised controlled trial

Gogem Topcu, Laura Smith, Jacqueline R. Mhizha-Murira, Nia Goulden, Zoë Hoare; et al

The clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness of clozapine for inpatients with severe borderline personality disorder (CALMED study): a randomised placebo-controlled trial

Mike J Crawford, Verity C Leeson, Rachel Evans, Zoe Hoare; et al

The in-practice prevention programme: an example of flexible commissioning from Yorkshire and the Humber

Sandom F, Hearnshaw S, Grant S, Williams L, Brocklehurst P

Putting guidelines into practice: Using co‐design to develop a complex intervention based on NG48 to enable care staff to provide daily oral care to older people living in care homes

Langley J, Wassall R, Geddis‐Regan A, Watson S, Verey A, McKenna G, Brocklehurst P, Tsakos G

Workforce Planning Models for Oral Health Care: A Scoping Review

O’Malley L, Macey R, Allen T, Brocklehurst P, Thomson F, Rigby J, Lalloo R, Tomblin Murphy G, Birch S, Tickle M.