Selected NWORTH Publications 2023


Associations between support service usage and social connectedness in those with lived experience of rare dementias

Brotherhood E V, Wood O K,  Waddington C, Hayes O S, Harding E,  El Baou C, Van der Byl Williams M, Street R E,  Zimmermann N, Hoare Z; et al  

Hard to Reach and Hidden: Improving the Identification of Young Dementia Carers

Masterson-Algar P, Egan K, Flynn G, Hughes G, Spector A, Stott J, Windle G.

A review of sample sizes for UK pilot and feasibility studies on the ISRCTN registry from 2013 to 2020

Nikki Totton, Jinfeng Lin, Steven Julious, Mahima Chowdhury & Andrew Brand 

Superiority and cost-effectiveness of monthly extended-release buprenorphine versus daily standard of care medication: a pragmatic, parallel-group, open-label, multicentre, randomised, controlled, phase 3 trial

Marsden J, Kelleher M, Gilvarry E, Mitcheson L, Bisla J, Cape A, Cowden F, Day E, Dewhurst J, Evans R, Hardy W, Hearn A, Kelly J, Lowry N, McCusker M, Murphy C, Murray R, Myton T, Quarshie S, Vanderwaal R, Hoare Z.

Development of an item pool for a patient reported outcome measure of resilience for people living with dementia

Jennifer Rhiannon Roberts, Catherine Anne MacLeod, Zoe Hoare, Mary Pat Sullivan, Emilie Brotherhood, Joshua Stott, Gill Windle 

A Single-Centre, Single-blinded, Randomised, Parallel group, Feasibility Study Protocol Investigating if Mandibular Advancement Device Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea can reduce Nocturnal Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux (MAD-Reflux trial).
O'Toole S, Moazzez R, Wojewodka G, Zeki S, Jafari J, Hope K, Brand A, Hoare Z; et al

What is the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions in reducing the harms for children and young people who have been exposed to domestic violence or abuse: a rapid review.

Spencer LH, Hendry A, Makanjuola A, Pisavadia K, Albustami M, Anthony BF, Wilkinson C; et al

Using a theoretically informed process evaluation alongside a trial to improve oral health for care home residents

Hendry A, Baker SR, Tsakos G, McKenna G, Jenkins A; et al

“I felt like I had been put on the shelf and forgotten about” – lasting lessons about the impact of COVID-19 on people affected by rarer dementias.

Harding E, Rossi-Harries S, Gerritzen EV, Zimmerman N, Hoare Z; et al

Group cognitive stimulation therapy versus usual care for people with intellectual disabilities and dementia (CST-IDD) in the UK: protocol for a mixed-methods feasibility randomised controlled trial

Afia Ali, Elisa Aguirre, Joanna Carter, Sarah Hoare, Kate Brackley, Nia Goulden, Zoe Hoare, Caroline S Clarke, Georgina Charlesworth, Danny Acton, Aimee Spector

Earlier cancer diagnosis in primary care: a feasibility economic analysis of ThinkCancer!

Bethany Fern Anthony, Stefanie Disbeschl, Nia Goulden, Annie Hendry, Julia Hiscock, Zoe Hoare, Jessica Roberts; et al

Combined inhaled corticosteroids with long-acting beta-2 receptor agonists improve spirometry deficits in school-aged children with preterm lung disease

M Cousins, N Goulden, K Hart, A Jenkins, G Willetts, L Yendle, I Doull, E M Williams, A J Henderson, Z Hoare, S Kotecha

iSupport for Young Carers: An Adaptation of an e-Health Intervention for Young Dementia Carers

Masterson-Algar, P., Egan, K., Flynn, G., Hughes, G., Spector, A., Stott, J., Windle,G.

CYMELL Study: rapid review of the evidence.

Spencer, L. H., Albustami, M., Khanom, A., Porter, A., Naha, G., Thomas, R. L., Rees, S. F., Stewart, R., & Edwards, R. T.

Intergenerational Deliberations for Long Term Sustainability

Spencer, L. H., Lynch, M., Thomas, G. M., & Edwards, R. T.

What interventions or best practice are there to support people with Long COVID, or similar post-viral conditions or conditions characterised by fatigue, to return to normal activities: a rapid review

Spencer, L. H., Hendry, A., Makanjuola, A., Anthony, B., Davies, J., Pisavadia, K., … Edwards, A.

The impact of different researchers to capture quality of life measures in a dementia randomised controlled trial

Rachel Evans, Paul Brocklehurst, Jean Ryan, Zoë Hoare